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Society of Friends of the Airborne Museum

The Society of Friends of the Airborne Museum Oosterbeek has supported the Airborne Museum 'Hartenstein' since 1980.

The society has three goals:

  • To encourage interest in the museum
  • To support the museum (also financially)
  • To contribute to the knowledge of what happened during Operation Market Garden (September 1944)

The Friends are also actively committed to maintaining historic sites and monuments where the Battle of Arnhem occurred.

Three times a year we publish the Airborne Magazine in Dutch and English about current events relating to the Friends and the museum. Every issue includes an article dedicated to an aspect of the history of the Battle of Arnhem; it can be found in the section entitled 'Ministory' (a minimum of four A4 pages).

The society organizes events such as excursions, theme-days and lectures for its members. The excursions are battlefield tours to historic sites of relevance to the events of September 1944. The theme-days and lectures explore aspects and issues of Operation Market Garden in great depth. Often these are illustrated with photographs and films that were shot at the time.

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