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How do I become a member?

The Society of Friends of the Airborne Museum offers individual and family memberships.

For further information on UK membership and a sample newsletter, please contact: Niall Cherry, 3 Church Road, Warton, Lancs PR4 1BD; e-mail

For mainland Europe and the rest of the world, please contact the Society of Friends of the Airborne Museum Oosterbeek, Postbus 8047, 6710 AA Ede, the Netherlands, email:

Memberships are valid for a single calendar year. Upon receipt of payment, a membership card and the Newsletter will be sent by regular mail.

The person whose name is inscribed on the card is the member. In the case of family membership, his or her family members living under the same roof also receive free entry to the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek.

Members in de UK pay:
1,00 pound for Arnhem Veterans
20,00 pounds for Individual Membership
23,00 pounds for Family Membership

Members in EUROPE other then UK pay:
26,00 euro for Individual Membership
32,50 euro for Family Membership.

Members outside EUROPE pay:
30,00 euro for all membership classes.

Members outside Europe may pay only in euro's.

Bank account: IBAN NL80 INGB 0004 4036 41

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